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But knowing that my flaccid penis looks nothing like my hard penis - I wouldn't be inclined to offer a picture of my soft cock as evidence of how huge I am when I'm fully aroused.Maybe we should just take it on faith - because an anonymous poster (who may or may not be Peter Sarsgaard) says he's huge. His cock is so big that George Clooney joked about it when he won a Golden Globe for The Descendants (Fassbender was his co-nominee that year for Shame, in which he presented his juicy cock). He once hooked up with Janice Dickinson, and she's always said that when he unzipped his pants, an Evian water bottle popped out.Most of the celebrities that have been mentioned here are show-ers.

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Somewhere I heard that Chris Isaak was well-hung but I also heard something about he has chronic bad breath too.He kinda get's off apparently on walking around naked. I'd have to do a lot more research with my mouth and hands to be sure.But based on what I see, read, and fantasize about here - I'm going to have to go with Chris Pine's big meat.Nothing impressive soft and i don't have much of a visible bulge..that can quickly change That's true for me too, R112.

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