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But with his tall, dark and handsome looks, and some wonderfully dry comic timing, Mansfield is one to watch - probably from your living room sofa in the BBC’s next lavish period drama.” - Nancy Groves (Richmond and Twickenham Times) “Ben Mansfield’s performance as the caustic Alan is admirably assured for his debut professional engagement.” - Neil Dowden (What’s on Stage) “Ben Mansfield as Alan allows a touch of the tortured artist to slip through his veneer of aloof cynicism in a performance so assured it is hard to believe this is his first professional engagement.” - Graham Gurrin (The Stage) “The would-be detached and cynical Alan (a strong performance by Ben Mansfield) clearly stands for Rattigan himself.French Without Tears is more than a document of its time.She actually borrowed one of my own suits – which I enjoyed a lot, though I rather trashed it during filming.Ben, did you have to get ultra-fit for your action-man role?

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Having recently graduated from drama school, landing a role in an ITV primetime drama was a real coup for Ben.

She later told me that they didn’t really want to give me the role, because I was married to Ben, but everyone said I was the best person for the job – so I feel I landed the role off my own bat, which was a huge relief!

What’s it like working with your other half in front of the cameras? We’ve not worked together before, but it was great fun.

Working opposite Ben is very easy to do, because he’s so professional and so good.

I think one show with us together is probably enough, though!

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