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There is even a video of him dancing in a gay club, right?

I think someone posted something a few comments above...

The title of the video was something like "bodybuilder and surprise at the end". But the most intersting part was that people were allowed to touch the bodybuilders' crotches.

There were a few images of men touching their balls and it was like the most natural thing to do.

One of the things she wrote is that people are incredibly egocentric, pretentious and.... Lots of projection and fantasizing going on in this thread.

And it's also obvious no one on this thread has ever actually competed on stage in a BB competition, otherwise the posts wouldn't be so moronic.

Some of you have already posted videos and gifs of him moving his butt in a suggestive way or wearing relatively revealing posing suits so that a penis line can be observed, etc.That's Scott Klein R114He made a few homoerotic videos.There is one about being jailed and stuff like that if I recall well... It would be more distracting taking note of the small size of the posing suit than looking at a naked body.Besides, if bodybuilders from even the most conservative countries can find posing suits, you bet they can find cockrings.They most likely order them online if they really don't have access to a local sex shop.

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