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As new science-math plays (and musicals, and operas) come along, they'll be added to this work in progress.

Sloan Foundation Science & Technology Project, views the impact of the X-Ray through a series of comedy sketches and against the background of the 1895 Chicago World's Fair.

A facinating idea though our reviewer found it too disjointed.

From Philadelphia Pig Iron Theatre Company, this more or less concerns a number of things.

Tory whip Chris Pincher dressed in his bathrobe 'tried to untuck the What will women gain from all this squawking about sex pests?Constellations Nick Payne's much applauded two-hander which merged traditional romance with highbrow talk about quantum mechanics and relativity.Grandin's autism led her to suggest that the interpreting activity of the normal human brain trumps its own understanding of the reality known by other mammals, thus limiting human perception.Chekhov Lizardbrain is shaped around Mac Lean's Triune Brain Theory, which identifies three separate brain layers within the human brain: The pre-human lizard brain, the instinctual and emotional middle brain —like a dog brain, and the modern human brain, which is capable of reason and higher symbolic communication.Michael West's futuristic tragi-comedy premiered at the 2016 Williamstown Theatre Festival's Nikos Stage.

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    The show revolves around Peter Griffin, the father of the family.

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    For her work on the show, Johansson won a Tony Award.