Dating game transcripts

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(points at nose) (All look at Samantha expectantly) SAMANTHA: What?CARRIE: Come on SAMANTHA: I happen to love the way I look MIRANDA: You should.They decided to take action (Cut to kitchen, night of date with Marissa) ELLEN: Can't you find a woman who can carry on a decent conversation? Uh-uh it's too depressing NICK: Okay, okay I’ll see what I can do (Cut to present dinner party in the kitchen) ELLEN: And then he brought you DEANNE: So obviously not a model ELLEN: In a good way (Miranda looks depressed) MIRANDA: Nick dates models? (Miranda shakes head) You gotta admit, you met some nice people, you had a good time, okay?

CARRIE: Only models (Samantha turns to look at Barkley seductively, he winks at her. CARRIE: Umm well I'm working on a story about men who date models Any thoughts? So what have you discovered about these men who are dating models? What a pervert (Walks away half smiling ) CARRIE: (Voice-Over) As Samantha began to get ready for her close up (Samantha looks in mirror checking herself) I felt it was time to call it a night (Cut to outside) I had never felt so invisible in my entire life (Hails taxi, as she's getting into one, Derek comes up and stops her) DEREK: Carrie? DEREK: No, he's in there giving a neck massage to a Versace model. I've got intense thoughts but I can't keep them in my head long enough to get them down on paper CARRIE: Well, that’s the big trick DEREK: The truth is I'm totally neurotic.

CARRIE: (Voice-Over) They’d come to dinner, push their food around and pout (Cut to same dinner party, another time again, different model) NICK: Veronica Lake DAVE: Sophia Loren DEANNE: Montgomery Clift GREG: Marilyn Monroe ELLEN: Bing Crosby (They all sound really bored) NICK: Marissa?

(Marissa whispers something in Nick’s ear, gets up and walks out of the room; the men follow her with their eyes, the women glare) NICK: She, uh had to make a phone call CARRIE: (Voice-Over) It got to be a problem. DEANNE: You can't bring around any more of these so called models Nick.

Please "pin" our site in your Brave Payments panel, and reward us with your FREE tokens if you'd like to show your support. (Carrie’s apartment, Carrie is at her computer typing) CARRIE: (Voice-Over) Last night my friend Miranda got invited to a dinner party by a man she hardly knew (Cut to dinner party) She was the date of Nick Waxler, a fairly successful sports agent who once told her she had nice legs NICK: Okay, old movie stars you’d have liked to fuck when they were young? Yesterday, today and tomorrow CARRIE: (Voice-Over) For a first date Miranda felt like she was hitting it out of the ballpark (Cut to kitchen, Miranda hands a plate over to wife) MIRANDA: Thanks ELLEN: So, how long have you known Nick?

MIRANDA: We’ve been riding the same elevator line for years, and then we had lunch a few weeks ago, and then he invited me here for dinner ELLEN: Well, we adore him MIRANDA: He's very smart DEANNE: Guess he took our ultimatum seriously ELLEN:(in a warning tone) Deanne!? CARRIE: (Voice-Over) They told Miranda that Nick had this thing for models (Cut to same dinner party, another night, with a different date for Nick) NICK: OK Old movie stars you’d have liked to fuck when they were young.

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