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15 that is charged with combating sexual harassment in the industry.

The Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality in the Workplace has tapped lawyer Anita Hill as its chair.

“But you also have to be conscious as a legal adviser to not presume guilt without any analysis or due diligence.

You still have a responsibility to ask those questions.” When a person is accused of sexual harassment or assault, Ramo and other production companies and those representing them, call in lawyers who specialize in investigating such issues.

It’s really about setting up an entity that can enforce the standards that already exist, and I think the guilds should be the places to go.” With the industry now firmly in the spotlight, Hollywood needs to ensure that there’s a fair process for individuals speaking out and for those who are accused.

At the American Film Market this year, Ramo recalled people saying in conversation that, “women are really going to regret this.” “As if it’s going to be harder for them to be among men in this industry.

Hill came to prominence in 1991 for testifying during Justice Clarence Thomas’s Senate confirmation hearings that he had sexual harassed her in the workplace.

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Many production companies aren’t aware that they’re required by law to conduct workplace investigations into sexual harassment accusations.“The problem is, in the motion picture industry sometimes you have an actor, or someone in the crew, who’s completely at the mercy of those in power.“There should be contractual provisions with some sort of financial liability to hold perpetrators to account.Ramo Law PC congratulates its 2018 Sundance client premieres, “An Evening with Beverly Luff Lin,” “Burden,” “Clara’s Ghost,” “Damsel,” “Hearts Beat Loud,” “Lizzie,” “Monsters and Men,” “The Kindergarten Teacher,” “What They Had,” “White Fang,” “Dinner Party,” “White Rabbit,” and “Paint”. At the time, many of her filmmaker and producer friends were making low-budget, digital films.Also at that time, Universal Pictures’ backlot made available a few trailers for officing independent, up-and-coming producers. Time is up on tolerating discrimination, assault and abuses of power in the workplace for women everywhere.

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