How many marriages are from online dating

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Many couples I have had the privilege of marrying found each other online.

Online dating has led to many successful happy marriages, and the same can be said for arranged marriages. You might think, is an arranged marriage even remotely similar to online dating? You fill out your profile – your personality type, interests, beliefs and education.

They have an extremely happy and successful marriage.

As a teenager I used to think that prearranged marriages were bizarre and barbaric.

When the couple would marry, the young woman would become a part of the family so the family was very interested in who this person was.

The father of the young man would begin the negotiations and choose “the friend of the bridegroom.” He was the go-between who would set up negotiations and the dowry.

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Her parents moved to the United States when she was a young girl.They thought they were better suited to make such an important decision.The kids, just like today, disagreed and there was often conflict.Once the betrothal began they could not get separated unless there was a legal divorce.Interestingly enough, there are countries today that still practice the same procedure.

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