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Go to Genius/About for a complete description.-Workout Genius provides lots of data fields that are not available in most of the devices. All I wanted to know for the swim though was my time so what I did was make an event called "Open Swim" but choose the activity to be "Transition" so it saved as a timed activity. Three minor details I would find handy while running on my Vivoactive would be: -Different colors for different data-fields so you can easily find the main ones when looking at a 9 data-field screen. It allows to set up a great variety of screen layouts, has a virtual partner with variable speed, enables to configure the lap size, sounds, vibrations, alerts, and more. It seems there is a problem in Garmin's latest firmware update for Fenix HR. Take a look at Garmin's discussion forum: I just downloaded this app and am excited to try it! Now that it has a leg repetitions and I can do real swimrun competitions with a lot of run and swim-sections this is a true five star app! Lot's of options, flexibility and easy to read the data on screen. Now this would be perfect if I could do a real swimrun with leg repetitions! I loved that you can customize all the data fields and set alerts for pace. Probably, the best running app I have found so far. " Above the figure said "Catholic University of Chile" (text that appear on screen until 1978), all framed within a framework that pretended to a television screen.

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Since 1970, the logo has a thin curve with a "T" to reach the "V " and center the number "13.

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