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White was surprised to find Croatoan rather than Roanoke Indians on the mainland when his men attacked the Savages our enemies at Dasamongwepeuk [sic] to revenge the killing of one of the colonists.

[Emphasis added.] After this short visit to Roanoke Island, White set sail for Croatoan Island (fig.During the preparation of that history, I became aware of a settlement on the Dare mainland called Beechland.A number of Dare natives have claimed that their ancestors lived undiscovered in Beechland for hundreds of years before it was abandoned in 1840 because of a black tongue plague.Shortly before Ralph Lanes expedition departed for England with Sir Francis Drake in 1586, Lane had attacked Dasamonquepeuk and killed Chief Pemisapan (previously called Wingina), thus turning Wanchese, possibly the son of Pemisapan, into a revengeful enemy.Sir Richard Grenville arrived soon after Lane departed with Drake. he expected to find Sir Richard Grenvilles men who had been left behind.

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