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The Monster High webisodes are used as a promotional tool for the Mattel's franchise.

New webisodes are often released every other Thursdays on the official Monster High website and You Tube channel. After learning that Frankie has never been to the movies, the ghouls are ready to give her the best experience possible.

Ever since Amanita Nightshade emerged from the Corpse Flower blossom, she and Cleo have been fighting like bats and dogs.

A game of truth or scare compels Cleo and Amanita to reveal that their ancient, bitter rivalry was years in the making, dating back to a time when the two lived together as tomb-mates.

With the help of new characters called hybrids the ghouls soon learn how to use their hybrid powers.

They must also save Frankie after losing a lot of her energy spark to save her friends.

They attempt to recruit zombie villain ghoul Moanica D'Kay, but she wants to lead the monsters to fight against the humans.

The ghouls return to Monster High and Draculaura and Frankie decide to run for co-presidents of the student council.

What starts as an epic adventure takes a scary turn, but the ghouls manage to make new ghouls (Skelita Calaveras and Jinafire Long), rediscover first loves and try on some of the scary-coolest fashions around. The genie ghoul, named Gigi Grant, is freed and grants Howleen not 3, but 13 wishes! But Howleen soon discovers that each wish comes with a dark side and finds herself under an evil spell of temptation that wreaks havoc on the student body of Monster High.

Much like Volume 4, Volume 5 seems to have started before the previous volume has come to its end.

Notable changes in Volume 5 so far are an increased running time, and a slight improvement in the animation itself, such as more varied facial expressions, and the exterior of Monster High's main building changing to look more like the school as seen in the movie specials.

They are surprised when Moanica arrives at the school and decides to run against Frankie and Draculaura in an attempt to take over the school and enlist more monsters for her Zomboy army.

In an attempt to show Draculaura that humans hate monsters, Moanica kidnaps Draculaura's favorite pop star Tash/Ari Hauntington to prove that Tash/Ari Hauntington will hate Draculaura for being a monster.

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