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Its a small but bright LED that's on when a door is opened or unlocked with the remote.It even actually has a small Subaru logo on the glass.Orders are not available yet The model line-up and Option Packages all remain the same Subaru continues to make a manual transmission 2.5i and Premium Prices went up 0 on the 2.5i models and 0 on all other models MSRP including destination 2.5i manual 0 to ,245 2.5i CVT 0 to ,245 2.5i Premium, manual 0 to ,145 2.5i Premium CVT 0 to ,645 2.5i Limited CVT 0 to ,645 2.5i Touring CVT 0 to ,645 2.0XT Premium 0 to ,045 2.0XT Touring 0 to ,645 Some Option Package prices reduced 0 which will help offset the price increases Premium Package #13 all weather package 0, same as the 2015 model Premium Package #14 all weather package and Eyesight, 95, same as 2015 model Premium Package #15 all weather package, navigation, Eyesight now 95, (0 less than 95 2015 model) Limited Package #22 Navigation, Harman/Kardon audio 50 (0 less than 50 2015 model) Limited Package Navigation, Harman/Kardon audio, Eyesight 45 (0 less than 45 2015 model) 2.5 Touring and 2.0XT Touring Package #2 Eyesight, Navigation 95, (0 less than the 95 on the 2015 model) As expected, the big change is the Audio systems All models get the upgraded audio with LCD screen with rear view backup camera display, improved cell phone features including phonebook download, HD radio, Starlink cloud apps, 2.5i 6.2" system 2.5 Premium, Limited, Touring, 2.0XT Premium, XT Touring all get the 7"audio plus the new Starlink Safety and Security connectivity Starlink Safety and Security Connectivity System- on all models except 2.5 base models.1 year free basic Safety Plus package included with new car purchase, activated by salesperson at time of purchase.

Key logo keyring not included 2016 Subaru Forester Premium CVT interior.

Should the turbocharger air intake duct crack, the engine may develop a rough idle, reduced power and possibly stall. recall WTA-62 XT VIN 2015s FH819330-FH842199 XT VIN 2016s GH400090-GH4756447/30/15 new option- body colored door edge guards.

MSRP 9 installed, or available with new Protection Package including door edge guards, side moldings, rubber mats, splash guards, and rear bumper cover for 0 June 16, 2015- 2016 model specs, features and prices announced.

Some models are already no longer available, such as some Forester manual transmission models.

Inspect and replace turbocharger air intake ducts stamped April 2015, that may have been produced with an incorrect material that is susceptible to cracking.

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