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The more frequent use of the form he^ to be, in the northern territories affords a typical example. The adjective ' common ' cannot be expressed in Hausa except by periphrasis as abin gari, abin dunia.

Similarly the Sokoto dialect is more guttural than the Kano, and the Kano dialect than the Zaria. ' You might be in worse plight.' Ya masculine, agreeing with the idea rather than with the feminine word taffia.

Students are reminded that nothing but attentive listening, coupled with a use of the imitative faculty, will enable them to INTRODUCTION pronounce even the simplest word correctly. man mutum muntu Kiwemba of Itawa mtu meat nama inama nyama name horse suna doki isina indokwe (donkey) 5? Join the master with God's name ; if he refuses give him the stick.

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The circumflex accent on an o indicates that it is pronounced almost as order ' or as * awe INTRODUCTION This little book claims to be nothing more than the contents, revised and classified, of a notebook in which between the years 19 Hausa words and phrases hitherto unpublished were noted down wherever heard during my stay in Northern Nigeria.

Sir Harry Johnstone, in his book on British Central Africa (p. It is likely, too, that the absorption of Arabic words and words 8 HAUSA SAYINGS AND FOLK-LORE derived from Arabic roots occurred before and during the early stages of this westward migration, when the languages affected were in a primitive and receptive state and Arabic influence strongly established in East and East Central Africa, as it was not at that time in the present home of the Hausa race. While there is life there is allotment (of good things) ; if no life allotment is over.

The sound of kai, thou, for example, may be acquired only by identifying it not with any monosyllabic sound but with the disyllabic, pronounced rapidly, of ha-i ; that of hau, to mount, by pronouncing it as Jia-u^ not ' how '. jina eye monkey ido biri idunso itumbiri Isi-nyixa Ici-wandia pig- belly ear gursunu tumbi kune nguruwe ntumbu kutu Iki-nyikinsa Ci-tonga 5 J nguru tumbo face kumatu (cheeks) kumaso Ki-kese rain rua vua Ci-tonga mvua to build ten gina goma cumi Ci-tonga i3 bridge slaveys halter thief kadarko kangi barao mbara Ci-nyania daraja kongwa From this it becomes increasingly probable that the migration of the ancestors of the present Hausa race took place from east to west, and that it formed part of a general dispersion from some point in Central Africa of the original Bantu stock.

Punctuation of the Hausa text has been sparingly used, and only when its absence might involve ambiguity or mistranslation.

Since, however, the list of known masculine words ending in a and of those which are double -gendered is a tentative one, and must grow with greater knowledge, it has been thought better to leave them as they were actually spoken than to attempt a rigid, and it may be mistaken conformity to a rule, the number of exceptions to which cannot yet be determined. more pro- ductive of liberality) than the stretching out of the hand (to beg). To everything its appointed use ; or, Qu'est-ce qu'il fait dans cette galere 1 Said of any bizarre or unsuitable combination.

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